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You’ll quickly notice how the upper of the What The Dunk takes on a sort of Greatest Hits quality. Unfortunately, the design turns into a mess. Still, it signifies the end of an era for the SB Dunk. Oh yeah, and owning a pair means you hold a small fortune — these are pricey on the aftermarket sites.

Nike The Diamond Dunks look like they would be better utilized in a display case in a sneaker museum than getting beat up on a skater’s feet. Would that stop us from wearing a pair if we owned one of our own?

Khamzat Chimaev royally screwed up this morning. The Chechen athlete was handed a layup of a match up against Nate Diaz, an absolute softball to further build his star before an eventual title fight.

Magnamon is a bipedal creature with blue skin that looks like a grown version of Veemon with three fingers on each hand.

Nike Ironically, when Nike decided to design a Dunk cobbled together from 31 of the best SB Dunk colorways, the stated goal was to create a “Dunk to end all dunks,” and you’ll notice a huge gap between the years 2007 and 2019. Don’t get us wrong, Nike didn’t stop making Dunks in the intervening years, the designs just fell off pretty hard and the SB Dunk wouldn’t start to get its groove back until around 2017.

In that open stance match up, Saoek kept throwing his right kick over & over his opponent even found a right hook counter to it, but several times, Saoek feinted the kick and shift, drawing the counter and creating space to slice the elbow right between the guard.

Nike The Rayguns hold the distinction of being one of the first of the Dunks to feature the SB logo on the tongue. This mismatched colorway was inspired by a fictional ABA team called the Roswell Rayguns and features an alien — which would naturally be that team’s mascot — embroidered on the heel.

The tonal panels of grey captured the foggy vibe of the city, and to round out the design an embroidered outline of the River Thames in midnight blue adorns the side heel panel.

健康 風邪や頭痛が長引く…そんな症状の時は副鼻腔炎が原因かもしれないという体験談

So I'll be out of action for a few months guys, to heal my hand that broke during the fight with Tai. I will use that time to heal some other injuries as well and come back stronger than ever in 2023

Ran into Khamzat Chimaev He was hanging out at a restaurant for hours drinking sparkling water and eating the night before weigh ins and now Khamzat misses weight . I was worried all night about this when I saw it.hope the fight still happens tomorrow . #ufc279 pic.twitter.com/CMrFSxxtxO

Nike The Chunky Dunky was the most recent Nike SB Dunk to drop and to be honest, we feel a little uncomfortable closing the list with something so polarizing. But the Chunky Dunky was the sneaker that http mega.sb proved that even a pandemic and an economy barreling toward depression wasn’t enough to stop sneakerheads from absolutely losing their mind over a pair of shoes.

A huge result from what also looked to be a very fun fight inside Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

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昨年、今年と将棋の電王戦で、コンピュータ将棋ソフトがプロ棋士を次々に負かしたことは記憶に新しいところ […]

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